Next Class Scheduled to Start June 1

The Language Banc offers monthly Community Interpreter Training (TCI) as part of its ongoing commitment to providing only the best and most highly trained interpreters to its clients while raising the standards of interpreting as a profession overall.
Our next TCI class is scheduled to start June 1.

Commonly known as “40-hour training”, TCI training is the most respected licensing program available to interpreters and one of only several with nationally-recognized certification. The Language Banc employs a team of specially trained and certified TCI teachers to conduct its classes.

In order to provide the highest-quality interpreting available on the market, The Language Banc has long been at the forefront in requiring that all its interpreters be 40-hour trained. It is also now becoming a growing national trend for caregivers to require that its on-site interpreters have such professional training.

All TLB interpreters are required to attend 40-hour training. The Language Banc’s TCI program is also open to the public and is encouraged for anyone considering interpretation as a career.

Click here for details on The Language Banc’s TCI program. To sign up or for the upcoming class or for additional details please contact Mengna Gao at (612) 230-9839, or email her at

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